Land of Crap

November 20, 2007

Don’t do it.  Don’t even think about it. Remember, in this country, even our bombs are full of shit.  Newest report indicate that latest finding conclude that clogged drainage pipes should’ve/would’ve/could’ve blown up because they were full of shit. Literally full of crap.

Also, current news. The World Bank today blocked a USD232 Million  loan to the Republic of the Philippines because of CORRUPTION in the Philippines.  This may not have been something that would shock Filipinos abroad, but then again, the main reason most of our Overseas Foreign Workers is the corruption from within the three “pillars” as the Speaker of the house would call his Department. His son is a shrewd businessman, whose business communications with government agencies seem to always have a sentence stating that the Speaker of the House would “appreciate” their cooperation with whatever business transaction his companies would be involved in.  But it takes only a matter of time before the business plan of the corrupt government officials, even the closest relative of the president, has been rumored to have been involved in many a questionable deal within and without the country. It has been only the Marcos regime that this present Administration needs to beat to be the most corrupt government this country has ever had.  Also, dozens of journalists have been the target of assassinations, mostly successful ones.  Only lately, the Philippines was deemed to be only the second country in the number of deaths of various media members.  Only this week, in a hearing of the military officers suspected to have been involved in plans to oust the present government, the media box of reporters was attended also by alleged media men whose coverage was not the hearing of the military officers, but rather that of of the attending real media. Several other non0pmedia people joined them in the media box, quite obstrusively prying into the computer screens of the bonafide reporters and crew. They could not even reply what media outfits they belonged to, choosing rather to turn away to try and take a peek at other reporters notes. The creation of another era of martial law is hanging in the background, it’s foul odor creeping throughout the business district, and scattering throughout the peninsula. Only last week a motorcycle bomb blew up in an exit of the Lower House of Congress, killing one member of Congress and sending Congressional staff to hospitals in Quezon City. What was telling, though, but something that will never be understood by the corrupt ones, was that the Stock market went up a few points the day after the incident. Obviously, those who attend to that Congress are not very popular even in their own districts. Just how much longer the little president can hang on and delay the inevitable is just as Musharraf and the Burmese dogs of war. Coming soon to a CNN report on your TV set.


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