Japanese Fisherfolk relive WW II as they massacre dolphins

November 4, 2007

The Japanese have always resisted calls for the preservation of the endangered sea species. Whether it be whale or dolphin, they don’t care. What matters to them is that they make huge profits by selling these poor sea creatures as delicacies to the restaurants where the Japanese people, who show that they have not changed in terms of brutalities since World War II. A newsclip today showed a cove that was colored red with the blood of hundred of dolphins that were being slaughtered by this inhuman race. They continue to hunt for whales, despite world wide protest and more laws about this type of killings.

Apparently, the Japanese brutalities which they inflicted on the “enemy” during WW II has not changed. They continue to defy the world rules because “they are Japan”

Maybe it’s time that they be taught lessons regarding following the rules set down by International groups with regards to the slaughter of dolphins and whales.

They deserve a lesson, a much needed lesson. They thumb their noses at the world, and in their schoolbooks, have not even made mention of their participation in WWII.Slaughter 1

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