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October 31, 2007

a message to all Pinoys here and abroad from Enteng of ELAGDA

My fellow e-Mandirigma,

I believe it is time for all of us to express our indignation over the scandal after scandal involving the Arroyo administration, culminating with the indecent haste in the granting of pardon to Erap.

Some of you might still recall that on December 13, 2000 – at the height of our eMandirigma campaigns during the Erap impeachment, eLagda successfully staged an International Day of Protest with synchronized protest actions in 21 key cities in the Philippines and throughout the world. It only took us 2 weeks to prepare for it and we showed to the world that we have the capacity as a people to stand up for what is right. The event caught international attention and was even featured at

We’d like to do a similar synchronized international protest on November 9, 2007.

I know it’s a tight schedule, but there are a few things working for us. First, we’ve done it before and some of you already know each other enough to quickly organize a small activity. Second, media – particularly TFC (the Filipino channel), has wider reach now. We can feed them the planned protest action in different locations and there’s a good chance that the events will be well covered. And third, there’s you-tube so you can upload your particular protest action in your locality for every Filipino to see.

We’ll keep it simple. All you need to do is gather at least 10 people to go the embassy or consular office and submit a manifesto. (I will prepare a draft and email it to the different groups who will get themselves organized). Wear black shirts. You can print slogans on the shirt, or if possible, on placards. Some suggested slogans:

Patalsikin na! Now na!
Hindi ako gago!
Hindi na kami magpapagago!
GMA – Erap ka rin!
Tama na! Sobra na!
Nakatanggap ka ba? (rhetorically addressed to Congressmen and governors)

How do we operationalize this?

If you’re part of an organized group and would like to lead the protest action, just email me directly at so I can direct people in your locality to coordinate with you. Otherwise, you may want to subscribe to any of the location-based elagda egroups so you can work with others in your location. Complete list and instructions on how to enroll are appended at the end of this message.

May I also request those who led the various cell groups in the 2000 International Day of Protest to please email me if you’re interested in again leading your group for a similar action.

BTW, our brothers in the Middle East are already organizing in the key cities, while Fr. Robert Reyes will lead activities in HongKong.


For those of you, especially those outside of the country, who have not been closely following the recent events, please refer to a previous posting: “MQ Test”. Click this to read the complete post:

Let me just add that after more than 11 days of trying to explain away with several conflicting stories the payoffs of P500K to Congressmen and Governors attending a meeting at Malacanang, the LPP (League of Provinces of the Phils.) owned up to the money being given away. And this happened on the exact same day when LPP came out with full-page ads in all major dailies declaring that there was no such exchange of money at the Palace. Grabe! Ginagago na talaga tayo.

And when the LPP ploy backfired, guess what happens next? GMA pardons Erap. For reconciliation daw. But I think it’s more for obfuscation and to shift the public debate away from the scandals hounding her. No, it will not start the healing as they proffer;, instead, it will open up old wounds that will once again divide the nation.

If you were incensed by the racist slur of Desperate Housewives, the more you should be incensed by a Desperate President who is all too willing to mock our justice system and divide the nation just to stay in power.

To put the famous words of Abraham Lincoln in our local language:

Kaya mong gaguhin ang ilang tao sa lahat ng panahon,
Kaya mong gaguhin ang lahat ng tao paminsan-minsan,
Pero hindi mo kayang gaguhin ang lahat ng tao sa lahat ng panahon.

Tama na! Sobra na! Hindi na tayo magpapagago!

God bless,


The elagda cell groups:

In December 2000, I created one egroups for each possible location for the purpose of mobilizing for the international day of protest. Many of these cell groups are marginally active, but can still be reactivated for the present campaign.

The name indicates the location. For example, for batangas, I’ve created

To subscribe, you have to send a blank e-mail to the group’s subscribe
address. In the case of batangas, you have to send a blank e-mail to To make it easy for you, I’ve
included the “subscribe” suffix in the email addresses below so you can
simply click on it, then click send.

To post a message, you need to send it to the egroups address (without the
“subscribe” keyword). Again, using the example above, you send it to

Here’s the list of cell groups with corresponding locations: (for olongapo and subic) (for cagayan de oro) (for General Santos) (for Quezon City) (San Francisco) (Los Angeles) (San Diego) (Washington) (Chicago) (Texas) (New York) (Hongkong) (Singapore)


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