A Matter of Priorities

October 20, 2007

It just can’t get any better than this. Not long ago, the Palace passed around brown bags with two hundred thousand to five hundred thousand pesos each to politicians without any receipts nor explanations as to what the funds worth hundreds of thousands were for. These politicians merely showed up for breakfast and went home worth half a million pesos more than they did before breakfast.

However, to the injured and dead victims of a bomb blast yesterday that killed nine people and injured about a hundred people, the government decided to give the families of each of the dead victims ten thousand pesos and the wounded, five thousand pesos each.  As to the hospital expenses of the hundred or so injured, the Ayala Mall owners are paying for that. Which is good because the government would have left them to be.

All this makes sense only if you are aware of the panic in the Palace. If you are an ordinary Filipino civilian or soldier, your worth to la Gloria is apparently only five thousand pesos. It is obvious that the Palace needs the loyalty of the politicians. Why is obvious. As to why the masa and sundalo are worth almost nothing, it is because the president’s popularity among the masses and the military has taken a nose dive. Hence the punishment.


One Response to “A Matter of Priorities”

  1. golda Says:

    and this is the disease we call our president.:(

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