Just when doctors need space, she shows up for propaganda.

October 19, 2007

Instead of allowing doctors to work on the poor victims who are in the operating and emergency rooms of the Makati Medical Center, the President decides to show up for an attempt at media exposure, to play the sympathy game. Television coverage had been showing how crammed full of patients, doctors, relatives and emergency personnel the Makati Medical Center ER was today due to a bombing at the Glorietta 2 Mall. Yet, as people may have been dying and in need of immediate medical attention, the Philippine president decides to show up with a presidential entourage of who knows how many, but probably at least about 20-25 people including security and the usual suspects, her sycophants and regular hangers-on. Of course, everything had to slow down while the president made her rounds. This, added to the 65 plus ER patients and maybe a medical staff of say, about 30. Insensitive? I think so. She should have given the doctors room and time to concentrate on the patients and work on them. We are in the land of uziseros. People just just didn’t figure Gloria to be the No. 1 Uzisera. Apparently, she is now that, as well. And obviously, her concern for the welfare of patients were only for the 65 or so at Makati Medical. There were patients too, more than 30 of them, at the Ospital ng Makati. However, because of POLITICAL DIFFERENCES between her and the Makati mayor, it was not announced that she would visit them as well. So although the Palace officials insisted that the people should get together as one to cope with the deadly bombing incident, apparently, the presidential concern and sympathy for victims ended where here political rivalries started. So much for sincerity and concern. Maybe they forgot to tell her that was part of the script. It would have meant a lot for the Ospital patients. Unfortunately, she is only interested in patients in friendly hospitals. Ha! Plastic talaga.



One Response to “Just when doctors need space, she shows up for propaganda.”

  1. Max Says:

    I’d like to nominate Fr Ed Panlilio for President in 2010

    What’s your thoughts, Enteng


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