Romulo Neri decides to run away…

September 26, 2007

It was for the country. It was for his people. When the nation needed him most, he turned and ran. This man, who people had earlier been interested in seeing the truth and were ready to protect him for it turned tail and ran. And fast. He failed to notice that. He had fear in his eyes, fear in his voice, fear in his blood. And now the little one has a new apologist. And the people have found another disappointment.

And so now the Filipino people say to you BLECCHHH!    The entire ZTE staff bow to you.   And the bad guys go on their merry way, snickering and smiling all the way to the bank…


One Response to “Romulo Neri decides to run away…”

  1. akosistella Says:

    IN the first place, this guy should never have been appointed as NEDA Director-General. He pales in comparison to all the brilliant ones before him – Winnie Monsod, Ciel Habito, Dante Canlas. All competent economists with backbone…they could never be swayed by the exertions from Malacanang. Romy Neri is a wimp.

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