What kind of citizens will the American members of Blackwater USA become?

September 19, 2007

Imagine this: you are given the authority to kidnap, torture and even kill men, women ans children whether they be alleged terrorists or not.   These are the American mercenaries who fight side by side with the US Armed Forces. However, their assignments are for the State Department officials, under Condoleeza Rice. But although their initial duties are to escort State Department Officials, they have other assignments that apparently allow them to interface with the local Iraqi population. To be sure, they are not all Americans.  But I am sure quite a number are. It is here where the trouble begins. Left to their own devices, these mercenaries, who are under no obligation to abide by the Geneva Agreement or the Articles of War. This is where the problems begins.  These guys go on sorties when and where they feel like and without any press coverage around, and almost 600,000 Iraqis declared dead since this war George W. Bush declared, we can only wonder how many of the 600,000 are victims of so-called collateral damage or plain war victims, now members of the “desaparecidos”.  Sure, the Black Water USA was tossed out of Iraq by the Iraqi government.  All they need do now is merely change their corporate name and viola, another group of “contractors” are reporting for duty. We tried today to locate their Manila office, as they are  now building the world’s largest embassy in Baghdad.  So I am sure the local guys are interested. After all, the pay is good. But not for the Embassy. Those guys are treated like slaves. And paid like slaves too. However, former AFP members could be with the Black Water-type of operations. It was reported somewhere that they make more than twice the minimum of what the US soldiers are making. So Cheney gets cheap labor and make tons of money by overpricing for the now infamous “mercs”.
What I want to know is how these people will behave when they return to the USA. They are now used to lawlessness, they are free to kill maim and torture. What type of people will they be when they return to America and forget their old ways of behavior. Cheney should have thought that one out more thoroughly when he hired the 170,000 contractors/merecenaries.  The blood of the massacred Iraqis and who knows what else they will become when they return home after years of having to follow no laws except the guns they carry.


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