U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq outnumbered by Mercs!

September 18, 2007

Whats hot in Iraq? The company allegedly owned by cronies of Cheney, Blackwater USA is actually a mercenary outfit. In a shocking revelation today, Iraqi Officials claimed that eight civilians, including women and children were fired on and killed by a team from Blackwater USA. The situation which now exists in the Iraqi theater has over 170,000 guns-for-hire as compared to around 160,000 American troops. It was revealed today that the mercenaries, who follow no rules, have no law but their own, and are allowed freedom to terrorize Iraq. After all, they have the blessings of their President, George W. Bush. Any other decent President would be smarter than that. Sending goons to fight side by side with US troops who have rules to follow earn almost $5,000.00/mo, a previous report stated will have no good to come with it.  They are free to murder, torture, arrest, etc.. This, in comparison to the less than $1.000.00 the average GI gets in a month. It was also revealed that there are no rules of engagement for these mercenaries who do not follow them. It has been reported that the Iraqi government has demanded that Blackwater be banned from Iraq. The number of Iraqi civilians killed by the so-called “contractors”, or mercenaries who are not under the rules of the Geneva Agreement will probably be known.  So, who are the real terrorists? The 9/11 terrorists came from Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is common knowledge that the Iraqis under Saddam would have nothing to do with Bin Laden. Plain and simple.  Why Bush and Cheney decided to destroy this country has only one feasible reason. Oil. The pipeline needs to have Afghanistan to allow the oil to reach the ports more quickly.  How the American people are dealing with this and allowing their own soldiers to spill their precious blood in order for the Bush-Cheney parade to sell their oil to the world. How many more must die until Bush ‘s hands, already red with the blood of his own people, stops the wars he started in the Middle East?  Did he actually listen to Pat Robertson to assassinate another country’s leader. So much for the love of Christ. This man actually called for the murder of another man.  Maybe he reads his bible the same way Muslim zealots use the Koran as their basis to self destruct and take as many innocent people with them.  Bush is crazy. And dumb. That is a dangerous combination because it means that he does not fully understand what it is that he is doing. We have heard him talk.  And this is probably the worst President America has ever had. How they insist that he be allowed to continue the rape and pillaging in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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