A Couple of Observations (all-fiction)yeah, right

September 18, 2007

1. Re: No taxes on Boracay House were paid except for the property taxes, which are now and have been delinquent for several years more. In the evening news, when asked about taxes paid by the Boracay owners to local government, a clown with rank from City Hall said that there was no “Permit to Occupy” request made as part of various City Hall rules on the house. Therefore, he, declared in so many words that since there lacked a permit to occupy request from the owners or even from the Sandiganbayan, therefore, in the eyes of Quezon City Hall, the Boracay House DOES NOT EXIST. PERIOD. I wonder if this clown was aware of the stupidity of his statement, or maybe someone “asked” him to tell such a tall tale, it better be worth making himself look like a real IDIOT. This statement (above) can be construed in different ways. In the light of libel suits flying back and forth, I therefore deny having written any of the words above. They were sent from above. A fantastic tale of City Hall refusing to fight, and in this effort, giving erap a bit more cash in case he will need some. The guy should be, and chances are he will, given a medal by Kuya Germs et al. Treason sounds reasonable.

2. Imelda given go ahead by her doctors to buy shoes. The good Dr. Cuanang actually gave La Viuda Loca a go ahead and buy more shoes. Logic here was that her shoes were giving her knees a hard time. Apparently not a single pair left in the Palace. She needs more flats, I think. So, for the poor, one to two meal a day Filipino, there is a great sigh of relief. Gosh, were we worried. So off she goes, to HK probably, but safer in Singapore, unless Glow says go give the Europeans some of our dollars. God knows they could use the help from the Philippines, home of Balut and rabies-filled street dogs in la Union. Our only prayer is that her cell phone’s battery has the proper serial number.


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