More magic in Manila than Harry Potter will ever have!

July 18, 2007


This is unforgivable. Unbelievable. Incredible.

Former mayor of Manila Lito Atienza, he who destroyed various historic
buildings, icons of eras long since and cutter of trees, has been appointed
Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

This is like letting not one, but a dozen foxes into the hen house. What
treacherous plans are already curdling in his mind? Well, if you are a
tree, start counting your days and prepare to become a stump. If you are
a National Monument, you may soon become filling material. Are you a
rare fish? You might soon probably find their way to the endangered
species illegal restaurants of China and HK.

If you are a national monument or played an important role in the roller-coaster
ride that is the history of the Philippines, prepare to be erased from school
books. After all, this changing of our real history has already started. But
this is not limited to flagrant errors on books alone. There is a website called
“”, a website that claims to be a “free encyclopedia”. This site, on
which anyone can edit any entry they feel like, are being wrongly used by students
for research on homework reports and sadly, accepted by teachers who know no better.

So it is another great leap–no, a giant step backwards for historians and scholars.
As well as almost 90 million Filipinos. Sadly, this country, which tried to elect a good set of legislators, instead found itself staring at election results which ridiculously listed voting areas yielding voting results like 12-0 in the majority of voting booths. This in the very same province that everybody predicted just knew it would happen some time before the magic results happened. It was amazing. Great. Foreigners are encouraged to come visit the Philippines. It is the magic capital of Asia, with any trick possible with the right amount of cash.


2 Responses to “More magic in Manila than Harry Potter will ever have!”

  1. Miko Suria Says:

    There is a website called
    “”, a website that claims to be a “free encyclopedia”. This site, on
    which anyone can edit any entry they feel like, are being wrongly used by students
    for research on homework reports and sadly, accepted by teachers who know no better.

    Hi, I can’t help but notice how you manage to “generalize” what Wikipedia is. Have you even used it before? Not ANYONE can mangle or modify the content without the Wikipedia administrators taking notice. Please do cite your sources on why you think this is so. I have taken the trouble of actually finding the link for the Wikipedia FAQ, and here it is. Please take time to read it and enlighten yourself 🙂

    Also, your side comment about teachers sounds just so SO wrong. Please, if ever you are going to do some bashing, do take care not to step on a few toes 🙂

  2. araymanila Says:

    Hello Miko. I will cite two instances wherein Wikipedia was misused. One was a news report by the NBC News Tonight, 6PM weekdays on Second Avenue. The topic was what the school kids were using to mine data for their book reports. Apparently, not a few teachers asked the students where they got the (mis)information and were informed that the pupils used the encyclopedia on the web called “Wikipedia”. A a media person, I put credence on the reports of programs like the Nightly News on NBC and the like. They have to be responsible to their worldwide audience for what they say and can hardly afford to screw up.

    Second, and this was my personal experience a few years ago. This was when the entry under Ferdinand Marcos, former dictator and self appointed President of the Philippines, had nothing but praises for his role as a tyrant. Whoever wrote and uploaded the material calling Marcos a freedom lover anbd the best thing that happened to the country was definitely trying to pull a fast one on 80 million people. I quickly orrganizsed a tem of academics and victims of his martial law era, where people would be killed for saying they did not like him. You may not have experienced the Marcos years, as when I browsed your wordpress log I saw photos of an erstwhile young man. It is quite possible that since then, Wikipedia has straightened out their rules for who could post, but that is now. Prior to that they were just uswed as propaganda showcases for those quick enough to post aand then after a period of a week or so you would find a different definition of the content on the site. I really hope they have changed. But until I browse it more thoroughly and ask my friends to do the same, we will save our verdict till then. Thanks for posting.

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