Motorcycle Mayhem

July 2, 2007

The government should first check on the helmet laws for
motorcyclists and admit that they have little knowledge about
what kind of quality of helmet these bikers are wearing.
Anyone who passes by the Ortigas EDSA route will see that
motorcycle helmets are for sale by street hawkers, along with
toys and cigarettes. Also visible are motorcyclists
wearing engineering safety hats and the like in lieu of
motorcycle-rated helmets.

Also, if you want to see how serious these government officers
are about the bikers laws, they should first look at the way
that motorcycle-riding law enforcers wear their helmets.
It is not hard to notice that these fools do not strap
on their helmets. They merely put them on their heads and
think that as toughies their heads are harder than concrete,
considering the way they wear their helmets. They don’t
even strap them on, rendering the helmets useless as they
will fly off their empty heads in an accident.

DUH. You can buy a helmet but can’t buy common sense at any price.


One Response to “Motorcycle Mayhem”

  1. bebenibadoodles Says:

    Totally agree with you. Sometimes these so called law enforcers are not really very strict with regard to their policy. then we hear all these freak accidents everyday…

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