Scrap the Shipping Law on Overloading already!

June 11, 2007

Inasmuch as the priority of the shipping companies as well as the government offices refuse to follow the law on limits for ships that ferry passengers all over our 7,107 (low tide) islands, I guess the best thing to do would be to simply remove that law.

This way, the shipping companies can make all the money they want. After all, after all these years, it has been clear to the helpless Filipino people that 90% of inter-island shipping will probably be overloaded with passengers. You would think that they would rather risk overloading cargo, but apparently, there is much more money to be made in the risking of peoples lives. As for the government’s role in this, talk is cheap, and they are probably “facilitating” the release of proper documents required before ships leave port. If they were doing their jobs, then there will be no overloaded ships.  They are very noisy about implementing the law concerning overloading, but are obviously allowing it to happen.


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