NEWSBREAK: SC Junks Sigaw Petition !

June 8, 2007

It was a woman justice—associate justice Consuelo Ynares

Santiago—who saved the day for those opposed to Charter change via
the administration-backed signature campaign or the so-called
people’s initiative.

In a tight vote (8-7), the Supreme Court sustained the August 31
decision of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) junking the
people’s initiative petition filed by the Union of Local Authorities
of the Philippines (ULAP) and the Sigaw ng Bayan (Sigaw), according to
Court insiders.

Justice Consuelo Santiago, an appointee of former President Joseph
Estrada, tilted the balance in favor of the justices who junked the
petition. “She saved the day for us,” one justice told NEWSBREAK.
“She is very close to (senior associate justice Reynato) Puno and
had always wanted Puno to be chief justice. She was in tears,
torn between her conscience and her dream to see her classmate
Puno as CJ.”

READ MORE Full story on Newsbreak’s website


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