Ms. America Universe gets a Bush-Bashing in Mexico

May 30, 2007

So you want to know how the world thinks of your Bush-led country. You should have started your Q&A with an apology to the world about the actuations of your President and his cronies. Maybe the audience would not have booed you so loud that your reply went unheard.
That is how my American friends greet me. They first apologize for the stupid acutations of their government and how what they are doing is tearing the world apart. That’s what the Americans got after allowing Bush and his brother Jeb to disallow thousand of votes in Florida in favor of the Democrat Party’s candidate. Well, almost eight years later and look at what America is doing to the world! Unwelcome almost everywhere, reviled by all except by Tony Blair. Bush and his boss Dick Cheney have Haliburton to protect. It is highly likely that the oil pipelines from Iraq and running across Afghanistan is their “golden parachute”. It is hard to see how the American soldiers are risking their lives, providing security for the Haliburton convoys and getting USD$800/month for it, while the Haliburton employee driving the trucks get USD$5,000 for driving safely, thanks to the security provided by the US Armed forces. Bush and Cheney pulled one over America’s eyes, and continue to do so as the American people let them do it.


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