The Money game. Or, pataasan ng i** contest ng GMA party.

April 25, 2007

A few weeks ago, five year old kids were given P500 each during a hostage situation by a senatorial candidate. As of late, a member of the cabinet of President Gloria Arroyo is offering each baranggay P10,000 for each one that swings their votes to produce a 12/12 perfect slate or 100% of the Presidents 12 senatorial cabinet. Today the first politician mentioned above was caught by media announcing that he would take the cabinet secretary’s challenge and then today upped the ante to P50,000 per baranggay.

Time was when such actions would have the COMELEC breathing down their necks and making them pay for violations of the Election Code. But that was a long time ago, and today’s COMELEC has a different agenda. This is already rolling out, and making the people sick. What do they care, as long as their means will definitely justify the end they are working for. And the end will be known on election day. This is going to be an uphill climb for the opposition. The President is pouring her resources into the campaigns of her candidates. The Commission of Elections is being run by the Presidents people. There seems to be no end to the money that pro-Gloria candidates have access to. And surprisingly, the COMELEC seems to have an immediate response. Eerie, but they seem to know who and when they need to defend and rather quickly, more often than not, already have a prepared reaction, defending the pro-government candidate while harassing the opposition.

*As an aside, when the Pope declared last week that Limbo was no more, the Filipino was not surprised.  They have been in hell for the past forty years. Trust us, there is only hell. We’re there.


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