How many more will follow those who have died?

April 23, 2007

We all know how violent elections can get in the Philippines. In the coming elections in May, though, violence may rise because we are having local elections. The personalities are more acquainted to the voting populace than are the national candidates. They also wield power on that level. Most of them fall in to two categories. Hated or beloved by the residents in their district. And just because they are merely on the local level does not mean they are not powerful. Consider this: a mayor of a city has a two billion budget to work with on a yearly basis. Now that is a lot of moolah. Based on what history has taught us about these politicos, the fight for territory is ruthless as many perks come with being a Governor or Mayor as well as some of the other elected positions. When the people of this country will put their collective feet down and elect and support someone who has a fear of God and a true love for the people is a dream that we have had for years. However, each election season seems to bring out the worst types of characters. This year’s elections will merely affirm the popular fear that the bad guys will rule on. And the administration candidates have as their political leader the president, whose own rise to fame is still under question in terms of validity. There is one Comelec official who is infamous for allegedly having mastered the art of manipulating elections. Lately, he has put his name up as a candidate as a congressman in Bukidnon, Mindanao. Legend has is it that the very day after he filed his certificate of registration as a candidate, the number of certified voters in his district increased. Just based on this alone, we can already predict that these elections will take a miracle to be honest and true to the people’s choices.

Please take some time out and read about how the people who bring you news are getting the brunt of some bad people’s rage. So far, 51 journalists have been killed doing their job.
They expose the anomalies being done, especially in the provinces and trust me, they do not pay well in that line of work. You need to be have nerves made of steel and be very brave to take on the corrupt and dishonest officials. And what do you get in return? A bullet in the head, sometimes right in front of your family. A few international organizations have already made public the different forms of corruption by several, nay, many politicians. This is the highest number of journalists killed in our history, it seems. Even the dictator Marcos apparently falls short. So we have a ruthless administration who hardly goes after the announcers/writers that denounce the bad performance of this adminstration. Instead, those who have been named as possibly behind the killings are praised by no less than Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as heroes. And yet they wonder why this country is the most corrupt in the whole wide world. Does being the leader of the world’s most corrupt country not shame this person, or those around her? Or are they too busy to care? What the heck, they must think, we have George W Bush to run to anyway…


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  1. Karla Says:

    I agree… SUPER!

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