Julia Campbell. Her words. Her life. Mabuhay ka, Julia.

April 20, 2007

At the end of this piece is a link to the blog of Julia Campbell, the Peace Corps volunteer who was recently murdered in Banaue, Ifugao. That is where the rice terraces are, and they are a constant tourist attraction. As of late, blood has been shed in what was once considered as one of the more peaceful places in the country, with warm and friendly people. It is hoped that someone produces the killers of Julia Campbell and that Ifugao justice is meted them. It is the least that will help us see that we may have reached the point where we don’t even care for our country anymore. It takes a foreigner to make us see that the country needs fixing, doesn’t it? But unfortunately, when you have a government whose own existence is based on violence, and where the claws of corruption have as of late made the country the most corrupt in the world, you tend to feel helpless as well. You see, as we do every day, that in these here parts, nice guys don’t just even finish last. They are buried with a bullethole or two in the head. We had a hero in our country and yet allowed lapses in the system so that evil men could do their worst.

You Must Read Her Blog


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