Viewing a must. Manila prior to American Bombing WWWII

March 19, 2007

Subject: Old Manila – a motion picture
Old Manila

Thanks to Meiling, who forwarded this to me.

Credits to Ricky Catala who uploaded and added music on the attached old movie of Manila circa 30’s which his father took while he was working for Kodak. Although there are a few cars on the road it was when the calesa (horse and buggy) was still the king. One can still recognize the Pasig River, Escolta, Jones Bridge, Lyric Theater, the old Dewey Blvd, San Miguel and note the houses by the walls of Intramuros. Remember these motion pictures were taken before WII. As Manila was second only to Warsaw as the most devastated cities in the world, it will be the older people who will be stirred by the film clip on Manila. Our generation and those after us can only thank Americans for doing what they do best during a war-cause tremendous collateral damage. You may also want to check out the film by Kawayan Productions on the Japanese bombing of Manila as told by American internees.


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