Rape a Filipina and get out of jail free / Who to hang next?

December 31, 2006

I have never been so disgusted to be a Filipino than in the past few days. When a foreigner rapes a Filipina, dumps her naked on the roadside, is “arrested’ (If you are an American in this country, more especially if you are in the American Armed Forces, “jail” means staying in the comfort of the Fort that is the American Embassy. After a year of hearings, a judge ruled that one of the four Marines (yeah, those guys who say honor, duty, and semper fu**). That did not mean much, for after a few days of staying in an office within the Makati City jail with two US Marines keeping him company 24 hours a day, maybe it was only a matter of probably a phone call from G W Bush to his Manila crony and voila!! The guilty marine was remanded to the US Embassy Hotel. This rapist probably lives in more comfort than he ever had in his whole life. Considering the kind of treatment Filipina women have been getting from these armed gringo goons, doesn’t it make you wonder what these animals are doing to Iraqi women all this for George W Bush.


3 Responses to “Rape a Filipina and get out of jail free / Who to hang next?”

  1. Boracayman Says:

    Nicole Is the Victim of rape.. The Rapist name… is Daniel Smith… If this rape had taken place in any other country the Victim of the rape would be the one that gets supported..
    Its strange to think that there are some that would support a Rapist … and not his victim….

    Daniel Smith carried Nicole to the Van.. over the next 25 minutes raped her held her down and inflicted brutal injuries to her… all while being encouraged by his brave U.S Servicemen Buddies. Then Smith abused her and two of them dumped Nicole in the street by the Pier Half Naked… They Threw her underwear nearby with a condom still sticking to it.. and ran off.. This was witness by more than 12 people near the Pier.
    Two of them contacted the Shore patrol police and reported a suspected Rape…

    The Evidence presented in the court.. by 23 witnessed was overwhelmingly against Smith… He was found Guilty and is now a Convicted Rapist…. Soon he will back where he belongs… in a Philippine Jail..not in Embassy comfort rooms with room service on tap..

    The sympathy i feel is for the Victim.. not the Rapist.

  2. Red Says:

    I haven’t been there to witness the entire event so as to get an objective picture of the entire view is remarkable.

    Although, i feel sympathy for nicole. She might have been mistaken by the americans as a liberated whore just like blonds. Though. smith must have been awaken to the fact that morality still exist in the world. And that paradise exists in the Philippine. An improving country. we shall prevail.

  3. George Says:

    It is to be hoped that the animal will do his time in a Filipino prison. Mind you, if it had been Iraq the victim’s family wouldn’t have bothered with the courts. Recently after the rape of an Iraqi woman the victim’s family, not satisfied that the perpetrators would be adequately punished by an American court seized men from the same unit (the perps were under arrest and not accessible) and visited punishment on the captured American comrades: mutilation and death. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what the Iraqis did to these men. Perhaps if word got round that this would happen if you treat a Filipina this way then American marines would be more likely to behave themselves.

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