Finally – a good move by Bush !!

December 22, 2006

Warlord G W Bush decides to pull out American troops in the Philippines after a US marine was found guilty of raping a Filipina girl.   The Philippine government should now take advantage of this by withdrawing the Philippine Ambassador from the United States.  Tit for tat. A pity though, that this government doesn’t have the guts for a move like that.  The gall of Bush to out rightly condone the crime of rape by showing his support for a US serviceman found guilty of raping a Filipina girl. What else is he saying?   That American soldiers can do anything they want anywhere they want.  He is also stating in not so many words that as President of the world’s most powerful nation, he allows the occupation of any country he pleases. ( Iraq- no Weapons of Mass Destruction! No alliance with Al Quedda for religious reasons! )

But lotsa oil.  Ask Haliburton, the luckiest corporation in the world, who has the entire US Armed Forces to guard their corporate investments in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Ask any Iraq veteran how it feels to get paid a fifth of what Haliburton truck drivers get for doing a lot less.  Ask any Iraq veteran who lost a leg, an arm, or for now and forever have impaired hearing or eyesight how it feels to be in the private army of G W Bush, warlord extraordinaire.  All in the name of Holyburton.

What the heck, he has got everybody fooled. He may pretend not to speak English well, or of not having a good grasp of world politics.  Or even simple geography, for Chrissakes. But hey, he can make the Americans go into any country he wants with the American Army in tow and make war. So his facade, that of being dumb, is working.  It is all for a good laugh, if you follow the talk shows, at least.  But for an ignorant ass, he sure gets away with a lot. And makes the world suffer, too, all for Haliburton’s sake.


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