So what if Filipinos starve, let’s change the constitution!

November 3, 2006

When a government spends millions to try and buy people into supporting calls for a new change of government while millions literally are starving to death, something is really wrong. Apparently, many officials loyal to this administration chose to put millions into spending for various “petition”-related issues like buying signatures, etc, instead of buying food for the starving. Well, DUH. Amazing what absolute power can do. I mean to watch your own people die while you try to find a way to perpetuate yourself in power by the use of guns, goons, and gold.

Well, it ain’t a banana republic all the time. In a flash of brilliance, the Supreme Court gave the groups calling for the constitutional change a brow beating, criticizing their “petition” and “signature collection drives”.

Did they get the hint? Nah, they are trying to use the Congress now. Gee whiz, just let them eat cake, right?


One Response to “So what if Filipinos starve, let’s change the constitution!”

  1. vince Says:

    Interesting blogs!

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