PCGG’s “Chairman” Sabio’s Test results* shock Makati Med doctors

September 20, 2006

*The Araymanila blog editorial staff will consider this as satire until proven otherwise. This story texted to us by an alleged resident doctor of the Makati Medical Center. We are waiting for copies of x-rays, scans, blood (if he has any) tests and the such for final proof. At any rate, here is the reportedly first-hand account. Please note that until this blog certifies the story as A-1, or unimpeachable in content, we are treating this as pure gossip. As true as it may seem to us, and despite all the other allegations and behavioral patterns that point to the possibility that this is true, we will not be happy till we see it for ourselves. Here it goes:
Specialized medicine physicians who have been conducting tests on the renegade PCGG “chairman” Sabio alleged that initial tests revealed that he had a black heart. “This was a condition we thought only existed in old medieval time writings”, the head cardiologist said. “One for the books”, another doctor reportedly exclaimed. “His brain scan and MRI showed a vacuum where a brain was supposed to be”. Maybe he is hiding his absentee brain within his black heart”, mused a resident. “Hell no”, the cardiologist allegedly said. “This man’s heart is as black as the night”. “No known cure”, he also mumbled. In the meantime, the PNP sent canine units to look for Sabio’s missing brain. “Of course he fielded the Senators queries in such a manner, the man is literally an airhead”, the Police Inspector was reportedly overhead saying. In the meantime, drug rehab patients at the basement treatment center are reportedly ready to stage a rally to have Sabio moved to the Mental Hospital, where, they claim, he can meet with four Nora Aunors, six Imelda Marcoses, and three Jose Rizals. Hopefully, they said, since they speak the same language, that form of treatment will be the best for Sabio. He is a man who threw away any little acts of good he may have done in his life only to show his true colors, a cowardly, arrogant and yes blackhearted failure of a man. He is to be pitied, much like Imelda bin laden, aka La Viuda Loca. Besides, the rehab residents claimed, he is giving the term “may TOPAK” a whole new meaning. “Him and that guy whose name sounds like an alphabet.”


One Response to “PCGG’s “Chairman” Sabio’s Test results* shock Makati Med doctors”

  1. Tet Gambito Says:

    Looks like a “who’s who” list of people that do not accept fat envelopes from fat cats.

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