Executive branch practicing dictatorship etiquette?

September 14, 2006

During today’s Senate hearing re the PCGG’s, chairman Camilo Sabia absolutely refused to cooperate with the poor Senators, who are trying to conduct a probe into this controversial commission and a telco, whose ownership was siezed two decades ago. These displays of utter arrogance seem to be quite visible whenever government officials appointed by the highest office of the land are asked to account for their actions while in office. The responsible officials, and this list grows with every Senate probe, can afford to be this callous only if they know that they will be given full protection by the executive branch of the government.

These people are answerable to the people, as they hold a public office. But they think and act as if they were above all the other citizens of this banana republic. And instead of being responsible to the people, it seems that they are more interested in how much money they can collect from “sequestered” companies than they are in resolving these 20-year-old problems.

We should open our eyes to these small bursts of arrogance from GMA appointed officials so we can see how she allegedly coddles the corrupt officials in her government and slapping the Senate silly in the process.


One Response to “Executive branch practicing dictatorship etiquette?”

  1. mong Says:

    im disappointed with sabio. he ran for senator as an independent back in 2001. he seemed to be very sincere and brave in fighting for his vision for the country. now, he is not only a GMA appointee, he insults the senate and much more, he is accused of graft practices.

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