The Most Useless President(?) That Ever Was

September 1, 2006

The Philippine president(?) just went to the visit the wrong side of Guimaras Island, where the worst oil spill ever in the country is causing untold numbers of fish, mangrove and wildlife destruction. Some members of media chose not to join her fake trip to the disaster area. And with correct logic. Instead of giving the country an idea of what really happened, she chose to visit a beach resort which seemed not at all to be anywhere near the disaster area. She has chosen to downplay the effects of this disaster. There was nary a sign of the spoilt beaches, dead fish, miles of destroyed mangroves and not even a single fisherman trying to collect the Sludge The picture she had, was of a nice resort and it’s unpolluted beaches. Nothing at all about the really hard-hit areas. The roughly 220 kilometer-long stretch of damage was apparently not included in her itinerary. She would have seen black beaches and tons of dead fish, no sea life, weary Pinoys and their small town leaders trying to appeal for help from anyone. This laughable attempt at press coverage did nothing at all to help the situation. It instead showed a president(?) who seems to be truly clueless about what really happened there.

It is scary to think about what other problems this sitting president has, maybe, NOT been addressing. If something as terrible as this oil spill is being ignored by her government, can we safely conclude that she may have chosen this type of crisis management on matters that affect Filipinos here and abroad?

“President” Arroyo continues to be possibly the worst person ever to serve in public office in centuries, as is shown by her inaction on matters that affect the poor.

It’s all haywire in Guimaras. The oil company was distributing yellow T-shirts with their company name printed on them. Some persons were gathering the thick, ugly black sludge with their bare hands and feet without nose protection. DUH, What is that all about? Isn’t it painful enough that fisherfolk and other residents have to deal with this disaster virtually alone? Now they have to advertise the oil company with free shirts? Not exactly the kind of assistance one would expect. It’s a gigantic oil spill, people, not exactly the time to give away promotional merchandise. Has the president come out on radio and TV to discuss the short and long term effects of the ugly spill? A little of this and alittle of that is being done. That’s what is being done. Not enough. It is amazing to see that those responsible for getting the people affected are being meted out with stupidly low fines. For example, the owner of the sunken tanker, as reported in the news this evening, was apparently being asked to pay a PhP35,000, or US$700 fine, it was headlined. The coastlines of neighboring provinces are already showing signs that they will also be affected by the oil spill. People are really “freaking out”. That is probably the easiest way to describe people from the area. Restive, angry and ignored.

Now, multiply that number by all the baranggays and middle-class communities in the cities outside Metro Manila and you have a barometer. An indication of how the entire country is being managed. Like these people do not exist. Well, the truth is that someone should be made aware of their surroundings. Politicos with only one goal in life. getting rich, and quick. After that, their family members continue the merry-go-round. How much more of this can the country take? If we look at the past, the people can probably remain willing to be punished even more. Heck, just send some sexy dancers to a political rally and you have their vote. Let us never allow the poor to be educated. They might just learn something, right?

Let us see. my friend Manolo has an interesting take on this, discussing our history since post war Philippines. Who knows how many more decades of disasters the country will go through. Worst than an oil spill is the bigger crime of shoosing to neglect a problem, and hoping to awake one day to realize it was just a bad nightmare. Maybe that is why she is sleeping earlier these days. I am sure she sleeps well. It’s the 80 million people that aren’t.

At any rate, here is a link to Stella’s latest government information on the oil spill.
SLUDGE is our attempt at keeping a blog dedicated to inform viewers over the Internet about the great 2006 Guimaras Oil Spill.


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