Biggest Oil Spill Ever. After 13 days, President(?) Arroyo finally says something.

August 26, 2006

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo finally addressed the Guimaras Oil Spill. Only thirteen days after an old tanker sank and began to pour tons of sludge into the waters off Guimaras Island, the Infamous Philippine President (?) Arroyo mumbled: “What? Me worry?”. DUH.

What she meant will probably remain a mystery even as the oil, which continues to pour into 220 kilometers of coastline, ravages the Philippine ecological system. The deafening silence, during which fisher folk, farmers and other residents of the area were left to fend for themselves without government assistance to properly address the catastrophe. Curiously enough, in what seems to be the weirdest response to an oil spill ever made, some idiots in the government decided to tap the services of a mountain climber. DUH.

Meanwhile, as this blog is being written, 200-300 liters of oil reportedly seeps out of the ill-fated tanker per hour. On a local cable news network, the spokesperson of Petron (the oil company whose oil is being spilt) a certain Virginia Ruivivar, was sadly unable to properly address questions as to when the oil company was going to properly act on the matter and on what they were going to do. She was also unaware of who their damage containment experts consultants are. She was also unable to say when Petron was going to take action on the matter. So far, after two weeks, it is the ill equipped and under funded Coast Guard and the local fisher folk who are struggling to meet the huge challenge of containing the damage being wreaked upon the ocean and coastline. But hey, the congressmen who received brown envelopes after successfully killing the Arroyo impeachment bid in the Batasan Pambansa, or House of Representatives, are yet to be heard from. Their various constituents remain unaware of the magnitude of this disaster being heaped upon the Philippine environment by the thick, black sludge.

There is a weblog that has been quickly built to compile as much information regarding the oil spill as is possible.

In the meantime, please join us as we scream HELP!! to the whole world. Lebanon has their Hezbollah, Iraq their Saddam Hussein. The Philippines has Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Indeed, a huge HELP!!! alert is needed.


3 Responses to “Biggest Oil Spill Ever. After 13 days, President(?) Arroyo finally says something.”

  1. Oying Pineda Says:

    I hope you’ll publish the online petition I have been posting to various discussion groups and sites. Thanks.

    Please take time to sign the online petition re the Guimaras oil
    spill. Due pressure should be exerted for the responsible parties to
    duly clean up then mess and afford proper reparations to the
    environmental damage they caused as well as the prejudice they have
    caused to the inhabitants.

    Visit this site to sign:

    Oying Pineda

  2. akosistella Says:

    great. thanks for the link gerry.

    mabuhay ka! wag si gloria 😉

  3. hsczp9 Says:

    wow, i had no idea

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