Farewell, Good Friend

August 1, 2006

As the business of supplying the world with the best hi-fi products available stands, the competition is as fierce as it gets. One would expect to get world-class quality and after-sales service in return for thousands of dollars worth of stereo equipment. My supplier in the Amplifier business was Dean Roumanis of KRELL Industries, out of Connecticut, USA. This type of business is a very small market and requires that only the best survive. Despite the gruelling pressure of maintaining the type of customers other types of business would kill for, Dean kept our dealing on a very personal level. You not only got the best quality in hi-fi, you also got a friend. A great friend who made the business so much fun and yet supplying the best in service and sales support. It was in January of 2006 that I saw him last in Las Vegas for the Winter CES, a yearly gig that I used to attend but not as often as I used to. Perhaps it was God’s way of allowing me the opportunity to see Dean for what would be the last time. And then we had the chance to communicate again just this July. As was his way, he delivered what he said he would and then some. World class. That was Dean. The Hi-Fi industry just lost a great guy. It will never be the same. Farewell, good friend.


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