One bathroom=5,000+students. Gloria’s solution.

June 2, 2006

June 2, 2006. Yesterday. her education secretary made the fatal mistake of mentioning the fact that there may be not be enough classrooms in the metropolis for it’s over 4 million students. Sure enough, she got the tongue-lashing to beat all lashings, and since the cabinet meeting was being televised, Gloria had to make her grand exit to make it appear that she was right, and her Cabinet member wrong. Well, today the local news stations, GMA in particular, ran a story on the dilapidated, horrible condition of Manila’s classrooms. There were classrooms inside fire escapes, classrooms built to fit 50 inhabited by 100 pupils and more horrible stories. The Cabinet secretary was right after all.
Gloria’s simple solution? Hold one class in the morning and dismiss the students after which you can hold another class in the afternoon. This nonsensical reply from the one who seeks to make the Philippines a tiger economy. Yeah, right. You could almost hear the students yell out in unison “Go Jump!”


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