Da Vinci ban a secret plan to boost piracy? Are US Army GI’s slowly winning case? The PAGCOR/PCSO money machine now under GMA direct control.

May 11, 2006

As of date, Palace officials and some publicity hungry politicians are already blasting the Da Vinci Code movie, calling for it's ban. All this publicity and possibly a ban will merely increase the DVD fakes of the same title. If it is cleared by the MTRCB, it will probably edited (or should I say slaughtered) so much it will probably be no longer be a movie but merely a long commercial.

Speaking of the Palace, did anyone read that front page story by Gil Cabacungan Jr. of the Inquirer? The PAGCOR and PCSO have been transferred from some level of independent management to be run under direct control of the President herself. The incredibles talaga.
Re: the rape case filed against the American GI's. At the rate the prosecutors and judges are avoiding handling this case by all means, as the old tire- them-out game being played by the government will be won by the Bush army boys and it will be no surprise to see the rape victim backing out of the case. Put it this way, will allowing a "minor" thing like a Filipina being raped by four criminals in uniform get in the way of their friendship?


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