TV Stations give examples on punctuiality

April 28, 2006

Today’s TV stations are roughly an hour late on the average, thus ruining anyone’s chances of getting a story in time for a homework assignment or even just tomorrow’s new in advance.The only viable reason for the news at six being shown at seven and the news at ten being aired at eleven pm is that either their talents have a really bad punctuality record or the stations run the show late on pupose. and it isn’t just one. Both of the giant “super stations” can affford to be late, after all it just the viewers who get afftected.

Channel 2, or ABS-CBN, has a strong presence on the overseas market via satellite. In that market, there is now lack of reasons to be late. The target audience is strict about their work schedules. Funny how the Pinoy penchant for being late has now spilled out into television. To be blunt about it the stations do not care about the health of their viewers. This is obvious. The obvious is the gross income at the end of the day.


One Response to “TV Stations give examples on punctuiality”

  1. Mike Abundo Says:

    When household DVRs come to the Philippines, you can bet local TV stations will make their schedules even crazier just to defeat the technology.

  2. leejim Says:

    It all boils down to the simple fact that Filipinos are used to being abused and disrespected. Filipinos accept this as normal, so they will continue to receive abuse / disrespect. How about calling these TV stations to complian, clog up their phone lines all day long… oh wait… phones not working.

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