US Servicemen in rape case drop lawyers

April 23, 2006

The four US soldiers implicated in the rape case against a Filipina decided to forego having their lawyers because the Arroyo government is doing such a bang-up job of protecting them they would rather save the money for more dates.

We know that Gloria has chosen the best friend of Bush, but isn't ruining the life of a Filipina pushing this ally bit a tad too far? 


4 Responses to “US Servicemen in rape case drop lawyers”

  1. leejim Says:

    She’s ruining the life of millions of Filipinos. What’s 1 more?

  2. outspoken Says:

    What sort of public Philippine embarrassment this “rape” case is. Unfortunately it is common practice for Filipina prostitutes to cry rape whenever the payment for sex falls short of their expectations and this is no joke!

    Several close friends of mine have already been through this experience where greedy prostitutes meet corrupt police in an attempt to extort money from un-expecting foreigners.

    One Australian friend of mine was in Hong Kong after his first trip to the Philippines when his boss called him from Manila to tell him the headlines of the news paper were “Aussie man rapes disco dancer”. This whole saga related to a bar girl he met in P Burgos Street Makati Bars. During this trip he met the girls family and went sight seeing together for over a week. When my friend’s attorney attended the police station he was told, with the girls auntie in attendance (who was pushing the complaint) that they wanted my friend arrested and held until he married the girl.

    Could the Police have seen that the demand of marriage seemed strange as compensation to a rape victim, yes of course but there was surely a few dollars in it for them, so after my friends attorney paid the police they wanted to arrest the girls auntie for filing a false report. HOW CHEAP JUSTICE MAY BE!!!

    Lets just look at the Subic “rape” case with the benefit of understanding “the system”, Its my opinion that this girl entertained her customers of her own free will really putting on a show for the sailors probably expecting to get paid around 1000 pesos from each of them, after all up to 1000 pesos is the price for sex with a foreigner in the Subic-Clark region. It would then seem that she probably expected to get 1000 pesos from each of them not 1000 pesos for the whole deal but probably hadn’t negotiated in advance.

    My guess is that following the fact that she didn’t get the reward she expected she went to her local police expecting to “sting” the sailors for more cash (the get out of jail fee would normally cost 10,000 pesos). So how did this simple scam go off the rails?

    Another foreigner friend of mine explained quite accurately, he was arrested by police on a scam and he chose to argue his innocence instead of paying the quick release bribe. Unfortunately if while arguing your innocence a more senior (and less corrupt) officer arrives on the scene the whole scam can run out of control and end up with the police prosecuting a case that was only a scam to begin with.

    This case has no merit and stinks of a scam out of control.

  3. leejim Says:

    To “outspoken”

    I’m not saying that there aren’t any prostitute – extortionist but…

    What you’re saying is, an American (or Australian) will never rape a Filipina. If a Filipina accuses an American or an Australian of rape she’s automatically an extortionist and a prostitute?

    Following your logic then, ALL Americans / Australians are gullible sex-crazed maniacs who come to the Philippines for sex because they can’t get laid in their own country. Pathetic.

  4. outspoken Says:

    Hey Leejim,
    Where did you get that from? My words are carefully chosen to ensure I don’t generalize especially on the subject of nationality or breed. If you met one of my foreigner friends that have been through this same process before (some more than once) you would realize it is widespread, but no one is saying “ALL”.

    As for the “rape” story of the girl it is so weak and has so many holes in it a 3rd grade debating team could tear it to shreds. Even the president wants Justice to hurry up and be seen to be done just to satisfy a bunch of noisy bigots.

    My writings are all based on real life experiences, no generalizations, no gossip, opinionated and OUTSPOKEN YES! But not generalized, that would be boring.

    On that note, thanks for your opinion, I respect your right to have it and your freedom to express it.


  5. leejim Says:

    I’m not a Filipino but I’m living in the Philippines, and I had my share of scams from the police and the Bureau of Immigration, so I do not doubt your story that the scam you’re referring to do exist. Some of these scammers can be really vicious.

    However I got the impression that you are generalizing because you’re saying that the accused is an extortionist / prostitute even before hearing ALL the facts. On the other hand you are entitled to your own opinion. Far as I’m concerned whoever is guilty should be thrown in jail, whether the Americans if they did raped, or the supposed Filipina victim if she is indeed a scammer.

    I’m also not FOR those civil groups protesting outside the courtroom saying that the Americans did rape. They are also prejudging the case.

    But knowing the very quick and efficient justice system, it’s going to be a speedy trial (The sarcasm gets lost in the typing). Either guilty or not the accused are screwed.

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